Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Youth in Revolt

Luke called me the other afternoon and said, "Dad, I have a movie I think you're going to enjoy. It's really smart and really funny."

We watched it last night.

Based on the novel by C.D. Payne, Youth In Revolt is a deadpan screwball comedy, as if someone had thrown American Pie and Breathless into a blender. It is almost self-consciously nouvelle vague and yet not. The plot is driven by adolescent horniness and loneliness. It is not simply insane; and not simply funny. It is insanely funny, as in, one of the headiest cocktails to be found.

The cast is stellar, chock full of new hotties and seasoned pros. Fernwood is well represented by Mary Kay Place and Fred Willard. Jean Smart is the slutty mom, Steve Buscemi the beleaguered dad, Ray Liotta, a randy cop; and the youngsters -- hero Max Cera, his Juliet, Portia Doubleday, his pals Erik Knudsen and Adhir Kalyan -- are all originals. These are not characters you've seen a thousand times. This is probably your only opportunity.

You know when the hors d'oeuvres are stuffed psilocybin mushrooms that you're in for a wild ride. You'll never think of your pinky the same again!

I laughed my ass off.

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