Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bieito's Stuttgart Parsifal: the fabulous conversation

For those of us who love opera, to whom it matters, the ongoing discussion of Calixto Bieito's production of Wagner's Parsifal in Stuttgart on Parterre Box, an opera blog molto particolare (to which I've been addicted for nearly a decade) and carried over into the blog of Andrew Richards, the tenor who sang the role of Parsifal in the production, is an absolute treat: impassioned conversation of the highest order, from outrage to transport, and covering most of the burning questions not only of the role and meaning of art in general and opera in particular, but also the vision and mission of directors and performers, and what is their proper responsibility both to the composers' "intent" and to the audience?

I have found this conversation exhilarating. You can start here. The discussion is in the Comments section; follow-up in a newer thread links to tenor Andrew Richards' blog for his take on the discussion.

If you aren't passionate about your opera, don't waste your time.

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