Monday, August 2, 2010


The image from the previous post, of Wotan wishing to turn back the rolling wheel of fate, made me think of an poem I wrote in 1983 after a visit to the Avery Brundage collection in San Francisco...

(at the avery Brundage Collection,
De Young Musuem, San Francisco)

The ladies with grapefruit breasts
smiled in the rain. Bodhisattva sat
across the room. Ganessa, the laughing
elephant, danced upon his rat.

Entwining like boughs around him,
their bodies interlaced.
Bodhisattva danced between them
as they embraced.

The centaur around his neck
had traveled from Greece to spy
on Kinrin, the gold wheel-rolling King
lighting fires in the Western sky.

San Francisco, 1983

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